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Historical Escape Room, Edinburgh

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Escape Room Edinburgh

An immersive 'Escape Room' game set in a dark and intriguing period of Edinburgh's medical history.

1 hour




Set on the edge of Edinburgh's old surgical district, The Anatomist is an award winning escape game that invites you to descend into a world of grave robbery, mystery and malpractice as you enter the basement study of a 19th century anatomist.

How has Dr Malcolm been procuring bodies for dissection? What research takes place here late into the night? And what terrible 'crime' did Mr Patterson witness that caused him to flee in fear?

Dr Malcolm's journal will reveal all, if you can find it before he returns...

*each group must contain at least one adult (aged 18+)

5 Star Rated Escape Room on Trip Advisor, Google & Facebook

5 star rated escape room Edinburgh

"Breathtaking escape room...
You know this feeling when you finish a book and wish you could forget it to read it for the first time again? That is what Escape the past made me feel like!"

@HarleyQuinnDav | TripAdvisor
5 star rated escape room Edinburgh

"Best escape room I’ve done by far.
The theme of Edinburgh’s medical and surgical history fits in perfectly with the location - it really does feel like you’re in the study of a 19th century anatomist. The clues and puzzles are clever and full of surprises!"

Livia Campagnola | Google Reviews
5 star rated escape room Edinburgh

"Outstanding Escape Room!
Gorgeous theming, perfect blend of electronic and mechanical props. Well constructed puzzles and most importantly great fun! As an escape room enthusiast I highly recommend to newcomers and seasoned veterans alike!"

Euan Kent | Facebook
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Award Winning Edinburgh Escape Room

The Anatomist escape room at Escape The Past Edinburgh has received multiple awards from enthusiast sites & industry bodies, placing us among the UK's best escape rooms...

Unearth a grave mystery in 19th Century Edinburgh...

Welcome to Edinburgh.

The year is 1829 and the city is fast becoming a leading centre for medical learning.

Anatomical teaching relies on fresh 'cadavers' which are always in short supply. Grave robbery is rife and there have even been recent cases of murder for dissection...

You receive a letter from Mr Patterson, assistant to the eminent anatomist Dr Malcolm.

He tells of a terrible incident that took place at the hands of his master the previous night. He urges you to visit the study and find Dr Malcolm's journal which contains evidence of the crime.

You have just one hour before Dr Malcolm returns from lecturing at nearby Surgeons' Hall, and he won't take kindly to uninvited guests...

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Who are Escape The Past?

Escape The Past are a brand new Edinburgh escape game operator who aim to bring the city's dark and intriguing past to life through the best Edinburgh escape rooms possible!

You could learn about Edinburgh's history in a museum or on a tour, but why not experience it for yourself with all the sights, smells and thrills?

Our highly immersive Edinburgh escape room experiences transport you back in time, combining live-actor storytelling with rich historical details such as authentic artefacts as well as custom-made props and puzzles.

Immerse yourself and your team in thrilling escape room fun, learn more about Edinburgh's past and expect the odd... unexpected surprise!

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