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What's the Best Escape Room Edinburgh?

December 2020

The best escape room in Edinburgh is a hotly contested title. Edinburgh is home to several great escape room games and the whole premise of the question is highly subjective.

In this article we've listed some of the factors that we think make an exceptional Escape Room, and we've picked out a few of our favourites that you'd be crazy to miss!

Firstly, you need to unpick what 'the best' actually means?

  • Most enjoyable escape room in Edinburgh?
  • Most exciting escape room in Edinburgh?
  • Cleverest escape room puzzles in Edinburgh?
  • Most original puzzles of any escape room in Edinburgh?
  • Best themed escape room in Edinburgh?
  • Most professional escape room operator in Edinburgh?

It's likely some combination of these factors, and the importance of each will depend on people's individual taste and preferences. The group size, group dynamic (e.g. families vs. couples) and the level of experience of the team would all influence which room was the "best" for them.

So how do you decide which is best? Reviews are a great place to start, but consider looking beyond Trip Advisor to some of the enthusiast blog sites such as Escape The Review for a more insightful analysis.

Is 'The Anatomist' the Best Escape Room in Edinburgh?

We're obviously a little biased at Escape The Past, but we strongly believe that 'The Anatomist' is one of the very best escape rooms in Edinburgh.

We're frequently complemented on our story, the realism of the theming and the level of immersion achieved. Past visitors have also enjoyed the fascinating historical details, the originality of the puzzles and the quality of our Gamesmasters (who really gets into character!)

Rather than take our word for it though, we'd suggest checking out our Trip Advisor, Facebook and Google Reviews. To give you a taster of what our previous visitors are saying:

"Best escape room I have ever done!"

"You know this feeling when you finish a book and wish you could forget it to read it for the first time again?"

"Incredible escape room! So much thought has gone into every detail, you feel like you've gone back in time!"

Tempted? Why not Book Now and experience 'The Anatomist' for yourself?

Once you've experienced The Anatomist, you'll no doubt be eager for your next escape room fix and you're in luck, Edinburgh is home to many great independent venues as well as some established franchise operators. We've picked out a few of our favourites:

"The Cutting Room" by Locked In Edinburgh

Locked In are a well established independent operator, with several excellent rooms. The Cutting Room is our favourite, it's challenging, extremely clever and tons of fun - highly recommended! The fact that is also features medical dissection is a nice bonus in our eyes...

"Operation Odyssey" by Can You Escape

This is a very well executed room with loads of fun, varied and highly satisfying puzzles. It's pulled off with a lot of humour and some great theming.

"Going for Gold" by Padlox

If you find yourself in Leith then this room is well worth a shot too. The concept is unusual to say the least, but it's packed full of brilliant puzzles, challenging but logical.

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